The jewel


Nomadic pieces to hang, place and match as you wish, from a bedroom to the living room, from a kitchen to the garden, our objects have been designed to live with you, to become a basic of your interiors. Minimalist lines, raw materials and always a little brass!

The jewel is quite separated from the rest of the Georges collection. This time, the key point are materials: copper and brass taken from old, big plates and dishes. To create a decoration object, we had to cut, chisel, paint and emboss each of them to get a new and unique item.

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More information
The jewel is available in three different shapes. However, each item is different because each of them had been created from different plates or dishes.


Manufacturing details
The jewel is entirely crafted in our workshop in Bearn: the cut, emboss and varnish stages.


Delivery time
1 to 3 weeks


Additional information

Dimensions 14 × 5 × 30 cm

Eye, Hand, Leaf