Smoke tiny shelves


Nomadic pieces to hang, place and match as you wish, from a bedroom to the living room, from a kitchen to the garden, our objects have been designed to live with you, to become a basic of your interiors. Minimalist lines, raw materials and always a little brass!

Behind these Smoke Tiny Shelves was the desire to bring a garden object, the birdhouse, back inside. After the white-wood original version, Smoke plays with contrasts and creates a new matter playing with fire for this burnt wood version. Your small everyday objects can nest there, keys, jewels, matches, or you can simply hang them as a wall arrangement. Batch of 3 birdhouses with different designs.


More information
The Smoke Tiny Shelves are delivered by batches of 3, with 3 different shapes. You can place small objects in the middle or hang items to their rod. They are also available in a natural version.


Manufacturing details
The Smoke Tiny Shelves are made of acacia wood, manufactured and then burnt in our workshop in Béarn. After going on ember, wooden pieces are plunged in a natural pigments dye bath to give more depth to the colour. This traditional process creation unique items. Colour irregularities are intentional, every item is different. A hole drilled in the back enable to hang them to a nail.


Delivery time 

1 week


Additional information

Dimensions 7 × 5 × 12 cm