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Interior scents with deep olfactory tones. Delivered like treasure in a furoshiki printed by us and in a labeled glass case.

Loup like a frank association, an air of footsteps in a forest still wet from the daring downpour. It is berry and wood with a hint of citrus and pepper.

Céfalù like an air of arid Sicily, its sienna streets and its fleshy lemons. Essential citrus oils associated with patchouli and with a sprig of mint.

La Badine like the dry moors in front of a sea that is shallow enough to be able to walk at length. A hint of coriander, of juniper and a hint of cloves.

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Sizes 50ml / 100ml. Our home fragrances are made from compositions of dried flowers and natural fragrances. Our house fragrances are delivered  in a furoshiki way in a fabric printed by us.

Manufacturing details

To develop our fragrances, we have expertly studied and combined essential oils in our workshops in Béarn. Our home fragrances are to be placed on your composition of dried flowers.

Delivery time 

1 -3  weeks

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100 ml, 50 ml


Cefalù, La Badine, Loup