Nomadic pieces to hang, place and match as you wish, from a bedroom to the living room, from a kitchen to the garden, our objects have been designed to live with you, to become a basic of your interiors. Minimalist lines, raw materials and always a little brass!

The idea behind the creation of Plate was to bring to our tables a raw and mineral shape, inspired by pebble. Made of Acacia wood, our plates are stained, burnt, left to the winds, rain and sun, until each one obtains its patina, sometimes matt, sometimes iridescent, its color, all shades, from dark black to faded greyish blue, its lines and curves as many patterns.

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More information
Our plates are covered with a special varnish for alimentary use. They can be washed with a sponge but they cannot be submerged in the sink neither washed in the dish-washer.


Manufacturing details
We source our Acacia wood plates from a small handcraft workshop in Ukraine, where artisans only work with a wood lathe. We rework plates by hand in our workshop in Bearn in order to give each of them its oval shape, before burning them with embers, dyeing them, then covering them with a special varnish for alimentary use.


Delivery time
1 to 3 weeks


Additional information

Dimensions 15 × 20 × 3 cm