Ficus hanging shelf


Nomadic pieces to hang, place and match as you wish, from a bedroom to the living room, from a kitchen to the garden, our objects have been designed to live with you, to become a basic of your interiors. Minimalist lines, raw materials and always a little brass!

A cousin to the Ficus wall light, this hanging shelf is inspired by plant stands and macramé hanging baskets. Here, brass is hanging like a jewel, to receive plants in a living room, jewels in a bathroom, or your glasses next to your bed. Ficus can be used alone but also in accumulation.

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More information
Ficus is delivered with a brass rod ending with a hook. You can choose between three rod lengths to create a clump of shelves with different heights, like on our photo. The assembly of the shelf requires a simple interlocking of the shelf in the structure thanks to notches.


Manufacturing details
The brass slab required to create the Ficus hanging shelf comes from Auvergne. It is laser cut there before being manufactured in our workshop in Béarn and brushed in a circular movement with 3 different brushes to give the brass a special texture.


Delivery time
1 week


Additional information

Dimensions 14 × 5 × 30 cm

26 x 13, 30 x 16

Length of rod

50 cm, 100 cm