Fumoir, perfumed candle


After Black Pepper and Dirty Chaï, Fumoir is the last olfactory expression from the particular universe of Georges, and it is the softest option among the 3 varieties proposed. The Fumoir perfumed candle evokes light tobacco, slightly amber scented, wrapping, reminding men’s saloon, a mixture of leather and rosewood, books with yellow pages and thick carpets. As it happens with the other two perfumed candles, Fumoir takes masculine and feminine characteristics and will give a wrapping effect in every room in the house. Crafted with French, organic colza wax and extract of perfume from Grasse, this candle comes inside a wooden, burned box, something that makes it perfect as decorative item.

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More information
Content 300 ml. Our candles are made with organic, colza wax from France; a non- treated, organic cotton wick, certified by Oeko-tex®, and lead-free. Our perfumes are also phthalate- free, without CRM chemicals and they are not tested on animals. Each wooden box is reusable and has its own lid.


Manufacturing details
In order to develop our fragrances, we worked with a perfumer from the Durance Valley, a person who selects the olfactory materials rigorously in Grasse. We pour the scented wax into small, wooden boxes. These are made out of Acacia wood coming from eco-managed forests, and we burned them with embers very carefully in our workshop in Bearn.
For the La précieuse version, a large leaf in gold is placed on the surface of the box.


Delivery time
1 to 3 weeks


Additional information

Dimensions 15 × 20 × 3 cm

Burnt wood, The precious – burnt wood and golden leaf